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ProType has been providing professional medical transcription services and academic transcription services for almost 20 years. During that time we have grown from a small medical transcription service to a mid-size HIPAA-compliant transcription company for the medical, legal and business communities. 


Founded in 1993 and conveniently located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, ProType Transcription company provides outstanding transcription services to a variety of businesses, including healthcare, legal, academic, and government institutions.


ProType Transcription delivers high-quality, cost-effective, fast personal service. Our clients benefit from a secure HIPAA-compliant environment, remote system access, and a knowledgeable, friendly customer support staff. For hospitals and smaller medical practices we provide an option of interfacing with our client's Electronic Medical Record systems.


ProType Transcription has a strong team of veteran medical and legal transcription professionals, editors, a top technical support staff and friendly customer service - all located in the United States. 


In most medical transcription companies, people come and go, but at ProType we still have the original founders and staff with the company today. Throughout the years we also continue to have excellent relationships with some of the most prestigious hospitals, health systems and academic institutions in the United States. ProType continues to give superb turnaround transcription time, with priority transcription requests completed within hours.


ProType has expanded our digital documentation solutions. We now offer Dragon Naturally Speaking, Philips and Olympus recording equipment, document archiving and more.


Our goal is to provide you with the best possible transcription services to best meet your specific needs so that you can be freed up to do what you do best. Your time is money. Choose ProType as your Transcription expert.


ONLY U.S. TRANSCRIPTIONISTS. Your work stays in the United States and is fully protected by our laws.


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